• Brandon Paine

10 Tips for Installing Laminate Flooring

1. Determine if the Room is Square Before Installing Flooring.

2. Wear Gel-Filled Knee Pads for Floor Installation.

3. Use the Proper Tape for Laminate Flooring.

4. Start with a Smooth Subfloor.

5. Use a Laminate Shear to Cut Flooring.

6. Start Installing on the Wall with the Most Doors.

7. Get the First Row of Laminate Flooring Right.

8. Use a Piece of Scrap with a Tapping Block.

9. Snap a Whole Row of Laminate Flooring at Once.

10. Use Transition Strips Under Doors.

Beware of Heavy Furniture on Laminate Flooring

Heavy furniture like a pool table or a fully loaded bookshelf can pin down the laminate, causing it to either push up as it expands or separate as it contracts.

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